Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'Princess Ladybird'

Wow it’s been a long time since I posted, I will be honest when I blogged last time I got to thinking whether the blog was helping me with my grief or if it wasn’t.

You see it started to feel to me that I was going in circles, with the same tune playing over and over again…All I want is Imogen back, and coming to the blog just enhanced the fact again that she ain’t ever coming back.
There are days I am comforted with the fact Imogen can never be in pain again, she is safely tucked away in the clouds with the other sweet angels; other days I am sad and angry that she is not here.

I think I have slowly come to the realisation, as many people who have lost a child have told me, that these emotions and feelings are never going any where.
Instead in ten…twenty..years I will still feel as passionate for the need to have Imogen here with me…though instead of living in saddest and anger I will slowly learning to live with ‘spirit’ Imogen and the ugly grief by my side.

I have definitely not perfected this and the second year apart from her has definitely been harder than the first, the numbness has gone and the raw pain has been allowed to slip in.

All I can promise right now is that I will continue to take another step forward in life each day, with the vow that I live my life to the fullest for Miss Imogen and everyday try to make her proud of me as her mum.

On that note…I had a brainwave…I didn’t want anyone to forget our Imogen and actually I wanted more people who never knew her to know all about our amazing courageous girl.

This lead to the week before her birthday week (which was last week) I decided to launch ‘Imogen’s Angels Dream’.

I decided to make a ‘Princess Ladybird’ brooch in green (Imogen’s favourite colour), my goal was to sell 100.

This little brooch is to be sold from just before Imogen’s 8th birthday on the 26th of April 2012 to the 1st of May 2012, her second angel anniversary to remember her and also most importantly raise funds with all proceeds going to the amazing ‘Make a Wish’.

Many of you would know we were fortunate enough to recieve a Make a Wish for Imogen in September 2009. Fast forward a few years and now ‘Make a Wish’ has had to stop taking any more wish applications as their donations have had a major downturn and they already have up to 300 ungranted wishes already on their books!

The memories we have from Imogen’s Make a Wish are priceless to us and we want to give a little (or a lot) of the love back to Make a Wish.

If you think you can help me and Imogen’s dream by purchasing one or many ‘ Princess Ladybirds’ please drop over to my facebook site by clicking on the link below. Did you know even if your not a facebook member you can still have a look!. If that does work you can send me an email to imogen’sangels@hotmail.com.

Up to last night we had already sold 85, so my goal looks like it will be blown away already for this year! Though I am happy to continue to make as many ‘Princess Ladybird’ as need to raise money for Make a Wish after all…

Love to you all

Forever Imogen’s Mum


Cherrie Cahill said...

Well said my love, well said!!
You know how much I heart you <3

Ragdoll said...

Fee thinking of you all.
The two years since Imogen was taken to play with some of her friends it feels like forever.
So sad that Make a Wish has low funds available at the moment.