Saturday, January 28, 2012

Signs and Moments

Hi all

Above is one of my favourite and most heartbreaking photos of me and my girl.

You see the this photo was taken on the day we found out Imogen had relapsed. I know scarey isn’t it how wonderful she looks, yet that beast was busy being absolutely horrible inside her. Yet on the other hand I am blessed to have this mummy and daughter snuggle captured in time, as I did not realise these would become non existent into the future.

I am blessed to receive a lot of cheeky and small signs from my girl. I believe you have to be open to this to really see these moments for what they are. I recent was feeling a little flat, as we had missed out going to see the fireworks for Australia Day which Imogen loved. As mother nature decided here in Perth that at the exact time of the fireworks she would put on her own show of rain, thunder and lightening. Not particular child friendly or anyone friendly, I am pretty sure no one wants to be hit by lightening!.

Anyway we came home early and I was channel surfing. I eventually decided on an Adam Hill (the Australian comedian) show. This is not something I would usually choose though I decided I needed a laugh. By the end of the show I could see why I and someone else decided I needed to watch this show.

Between all the laughs this is what Adam Hill said –

There are two types of people in this world ~ inflaters and deflaters. If you can inflate more people in your life then deflate then you have had a good life. If you continue to inflate people after you have gone from this world you have had a GREAT life.

This for me was what I needed to hear at this time, as this is what our girl Imogen continues to do each day, inflate as to the MAXIMUM. The memories we shared with her and the memories she left with us and many other people continue to make us who we are and will continue to inflate us for ever more.

Miss you my girl, Imogen, I see all your cheeky signs, you will always be my inflater

Love to all


And The Holmes Gang %%


Hannah Wisniewski said...

She is such a gorgeous special girl and you are such gorgeous special people. Love always. XXX and as Joshy would say "I'm inflated with fart gas!" xxx