Thursday, November 24, 2011


Well Angel Immie and me have been very busy with our new venture, Imogen’s angels.

I have been sneaking in making angels all over the place, most so when my new dynamites go for their afternoon naps. I have made and sold 50 plus angels now.

We had a few teething problems at the start with Australia Post not being so gentle with my little angels. This lead to the new more robust, more australia post friendly version of Imogen’s Angels.

I am loving all the stories behind the purchases and also loving people getting into the Christmas spirit!.

Imogen would have loved that!.

Everyone here at the Holmes Gang is looking forward to Christmas and the holiday break to Denmark. Yes this year we are returning to Imogen’s second favourite place in the world. We all couldn’t handle going there last year without her, and now we think its time to return. We are all counting down the days till we go! Yippeee!!.

Nicholas is getting more cuter everyday and has started to roll everywhereeeeekkkk.

Ashton is an adorable, cheeky, temperamental two year old. Just the other day he walked into the family room and exclamed “what a mess” with his hands on his hipsaahhh and who made that mess. YOU ASHTON!

Kody is an awesome typical teen, counting down the days left of school and dotes on his brothers.

This weekend we are delivering a new plaque to Miss Immie it is beautiful and totally Imogen, will post a photo of when we put it there.

Well must go do the post for some more angel orders,

Love to all


And The Holmes Gang %%


Kimmie said...

Hugs n luv to you and yours!
Think of you all often


Ragdoll said...

Fee I bet you have some sore fingers making all those angels and little people.
Nicholas looks so cute I just love that smile
Denmark I have never been there.I did have a trip to Finland 8 years ago loved it.
Imogen will tell you just what she thinks about the new plaque I am sure.
Take care

Ragdoll said...

Fee thanks so much for my little people they just look fabulous.
I got the Ladybug book that I had on order and it is so well set out and the art work is well done.I only got the one just to see what it was like so will be back for more.
Love the counting down and the red dots up for Christmas.
May not get back before Christmas my your OS trip be a time for happy memories and well as some reflection on past trip.
Bye and stay safe